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"Heroes aren't born of the extraordinary, they're born of the ordinary in extraordinary circumstances."
CommonBorne is a Role Playing game realm played for Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. This wiki charts all known data on the world as a whole.

The CommonBorne realm is designed for use with D&D 5e, as well as Darker Dungeons. Data included in this wiki will reflect this.

The setting also has unique Homebrew Rules for certain spells, events and other situations. It would be a good idea to check those out.

The world is a mixture of Classic High Fantasy, Samurai, and Dieselpunk with a mild wild west twist.

This wiki contains setting details, character details, and more.

If you're new to the realm, please check out the Welcome page, which will guide you through the basic information of this setting, including guides on important locations and historical events.

If you're interested in further settings by the same author, please check out the Affiliates page!

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